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Friday 8.1 Apollo HKI

Happy new year everybody! Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the show @ Apollo Live Club in Helsinki on Friday 8.1 has been cancelled. Saturday's still on though, so party on, Wayne!!!

Friday 20.11 Ilona/Tampere

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the show @ Ilona in Tampere on Friday 20.11 has been cancelled. We're still playing Saturday at the same venue, so no worries!

Happy New year

Thanks to all of you paRRTy-freaks out there for a fantastic 2014! Happy New Year 2015, see you all next week on Viking Grace!

Back in the ring

Yaaaahooo everybody! Another vacation over means another season of Trr madness is about to kick in. Check out our schedule for the rest of the year on the Shows-page. As for right now, we're starting the season with gigs over the weekend at the Apollo in Helsinki. So rock out with your cock out, mmmmoobies out with you boobies out! Yeah, that sounds about right... See you at the shows!

FRI 27/5 TURKU Apollo Nightclub
SAT 28/5 TURKU Apollo Nightclub
THU 9/6 TURKU-STHLM Viking Grace
FRI 10/6 TURKU-STHLM Viking Grace
SU 10/7 DALSBRUK Baltic Jazz
FRI 5/8 HELSINKI Apollo Live Club
SAT 6/8 HELSINKI Apollo Live Club