TrrTrrTrr - ten years down the road (2012)

Who and what the hell is TrrTrrTrr? I can neither pronounce nor spell it. Why do the dudes look like ladies? Mirror, mirror on the wall. Which planet do these beings come from? I don't know, but I hear they sort of come in peace. Are they for real? You bet your ass they are. Cock rock? Yes. Vagina pop? Sure.

TrrTrrTrr is a pop rockin' cover band that borrows your favourite tunes from three decades back and adds a new flavour to them. Every party girl and party dude should undoubtedly experience their unique arrangements and characteristic sound at least twice in their lives.

TrrTrrTrr was founded in 2002 by singing guitar dude Will Trr Erix, skin pounding Muzzy Trr Johnz and four string slapper Gus Trr Hawkyns. The band hails from Pargas, which is a small town located on an island on the southwest coast of Finland. Giving that there were no decent afterparties in such a small municipality after the bar closed at 4 am, what's a poor boy to do? Well, the answer is simple. You play music. Any music. In these boys' case, honouring songs by great artists like Lionel Richie, Samantha Fox and Billy Ocean seemed like the right thing to do. TrrTrrTrr soon started rehearsing sober in the daytime as a trio. Just for kicks.

Shortly thereafter Will, Muzzy and Gus wanted to expand their sound and asked six stringer Marty Trr Isaacs and piano man Freddie Trr Michaels to join the frenzy. Both dudes were also singers in other bands. The line-up was complete. None of the members had any expectations or future vision in regards to the band. It was just a fun thing to do in the comfort of their rehearsal place.

However, strangely enough, someone was eager to see them live and booked them. The first show was played at Kåren, Turku in 2002 (March 15th). Already then, the guys wanted to provide something for the eyes in the crowd as well as for their ears. They did what any great performer would have done. They wore life vests, diving suits, blinking hats among other things. In 2002, they played nine shows. What the fuck happened here?

Nothing's gonna stop them now. The rocket had launched and the gigs started rolling in. They started working with a couple of booking agencies and even earned some gas money. From agency to agency, the scene got bigger and the boys started playing venues all around Finland. From the Ostrobotnian lowlands, via the cities' neon lights, to the north Karelian forests, they drove, played and developed an unbeatable live show. The amount of bling-bling and tailored made rugs increased. From 2002-2009 there is really not that much more to it. They now had a vision and a mission that incorporated good times with a touch of hard work, sacrifice, blood and sweat. Today they play the biggest and the best venues for party bands in Finland. Every show is different, but they always deliver their best and don't leave the crowd feeling cold.

Spinal Tap and drummers. TrrTrrTrr and bass players. In 2009, Gus announced that he was quitting the band. The hunt for a new bass player was immediately set in motion and Sammy Trr Carlos joined. He fit the position perfectly, but in 2011 he also had to call it quits. Will, Freddie, Marty and Muzzy recruited another friend, Stewart, who is currently chained to their rehearsal place's door.

A ton of songs, hundreds of gigs, thousands of miles, tens of booking agencies, a million farts in a million vans, a zillion hotel rooms, uncountable amount of bars and fifteen wardrobes later it’s all still very 80's and it's still just for kicks...and money...and free beer.

Line up:
Freddie Trr Michaels – vocals, keys (2002-)
Will Trr Erix – vocals, rhythm guitar (2002-)
Muzzy Trr Johnz - drums (2002-)
Stewart Trr Matthews III – vocals, bass (2011-)
Alex Trr Nikolai Sinebryfuckoff - vocals, lead guitar (2014-)

Former members and fill-ins:
Gus Trr Hawkyns – vocals, bass (2002-2009, 2016)
Sammy Trr Carlos – bass, vocals (2009-2011)
Jolly Trr Rogers - guitar, vocals (2012)
Marty Trr Isaacs – vocals, guitar (2002-2014)

Oh, one more thing, don’t ask them about the name. It is what it is. Just write TrrTrrTrr in some search engine and you’ll find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and stuff.

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